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Shaun Jacobs is an award-winning singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and producer.
Originally hailing from South Africa, where he received critical acclaim for several chart-topping
hits, including a SAMA® (South African Music Award) for Best Adult Contemporary Album for
‘Love Can’, as well as nominations for both Best Producer and Best Engineer, Shaun has since
moved to Los Angeles, laying the groundwork for global success.

Shaun's versatile sound has gained him recognition since moving to the U.S., positioning him to
collaborate with top songwriters in LA and Nashville, such as the hit song "Youngr" which he co-
wrote with Bruno Martini, with Shaun featured on vocals and guitar.

Operating out of his Kalabash Sound studio in Santa Monica, Shaun has built a reputation for
composing and delivering bespoke, custom music and sound design in a wide variety of styles. He
has composed music for projects and brands such as Honda, Cirque du Soleil, The Illusionists,
BMW, Facebook, and Ford to name a few, and has had music featured with major brands such as
X-Box, Top Gear, Netflix, Nissan, Lego, Ralph Lauren, Hyundai and many more. With his unique
ability to 100% compose, mix, master, and deliver high-quality music with fast turn-around, Shaun
has earned recognition from leading industry clients such as Google TV, who have consistently
returned to him for his fast turn-around and high-quality results.
As he proceeds to grow Kalabash Sound, Shaun continues to prove himself to be a versatile and
talented composer, with a knack for creating captivating music that resonates with audiences

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